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I'm an assistant professor of Marketing at HEC Montréal. I help brands and consumers understand how to communicate with each other in ways that build and maintain relationships.

My work has been published in The Journal of Consumer Psychology, Psychological Science, and Psychology & Marketing.

I have presented my work to PepsiCo, Lowe’s, CVS Pharmacy’s, and Target and pro-bono marketing consulting to small businesses.

I received my PhD in Marketing from Duke University in 2022. My advisors were Gavan Fitzsimons & Jordan Etkin

<aside> 🍎 I co-created a research tool for studying consumer behaviour called the Open Science Online Grocery (OSOG). The store can be found here:


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Masters: I take a maximum of three students each year from HEC Master’s program. Students must be admitted to the program before applying to work with me. I will be accepting two new students in Spring 2025.

PhD: I currently have funding for two years of a PhD student. I am looking for a student who would be interested in being co-supervised by myself and another professor at HEC.